Important Questions to Ask a Residential Painting Contractor


Hiring a qualified residential painting contractor for your home painting job is very important. Giving your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms or other interior spaces a new coat of paint helps you achieve a stylish appearance that complements your interior decor. As a homeowner, you want a paint job that fits your budget and one that impresses you. That means you have to look for an experienced painter who can deliver impressive results at an affordable cost. When interviewing different painting contractors, consider asking these few questions. Here’s a good read about ESP Painting, check it out!

Do you have years of experience in painting residential houses? Painters take several years before gaining the best professional skills. When hiring a residential painter, ask how many years they have been in the industry? Consider painting contractors who have been offering painting services to homeowners in your area for more than 5 years. Working with a painter who has specialized in residential painting ensures that you get someone who understands your project. The knowledge and skills they have gained plays a critical role in delivering reliable services, professional workmanship and impressive painting results. To gather more awesome  ideas on ESP Painting, click here to get started.

What paints do you use for home interiors? The information the contractor provides will tell you more about them. An established painting contractor will offer a wide range of painting products and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each, proving their expertise. The painters should also know about the latest paints recommended for home interiors, painting techniques used and new developments and technologies in the painting industry. For durable paint results, you should always choose premium-grade paints. Make sure the contractor also offers a written guarantee for labor and painting materials use.

Do you share references with clients? Contact those provided and ask them about the services they received. Ask if they were satisfied with the quality of work, how their house was prepped for painting, who the contractor worked with and the final results. While references are a good indication of a qualified painter, don’t rely solely on them when making a decision. Read past client reviews and comments on third-party service review websites. Don’t choose any contractor with a bad history of client complaints or negative reports. The best painter should have numerous positive feedback and opinions from many clients in your area.

Can you share photos of completed interior painting projects? An established residential painting contractor should willingly show you their online portfolio of painting work. Considering that different painters have different styles of painting, it’s good to have a look at their past work so as to find a good fit for your paint job. Get a clear cost outline of the painting project. Get honest estimates from different contractors and compare them. Focus more on the quality of work provided, and know what is included in the estimate. Before the paint job begins, ask for a written contract that should also be clear on when the job will be completed. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference.


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